Judy Dornbush?

My innate and life-long obsession with the color of things helped guide me toward my BA in Visual Arts and my MA in Design. Added to many years teaching a full spectrum of studio arts, crafts, design, and art history courses within university and college art departments, I ultimately and currently teach and create via my independent studio In Marin County -- art is happening.

As a child, I fancied that I would be able to make everything I would use “when I grow up.” Free to roam through the shops in downtown Salt Lake City, I was particularly drawn to the furniture store where I pretended amongst (and re-arranged) the staged sets displaying home furnishings, and lost myself amongst the forest of bolts in the fabric store where I gathered patterned swatches to sew together. I plunged wide-eyed into the art supply store replete with the tools and toys with which I would eventually build my independent design and teaching career.

Within the hardware store, I gravitated to the display of paint-chips from which I collected one chip of every color. I arranged and re-arranged those inspirational chips, incorporating them into cereal box rooms and onto hand-crafted cardboard box-buildings. Gleefully, I still possess and cherish those very same chips!

Fast forward: Today, having updated my personal collection, I have added the complete Benjamin Moore collections with which I look forward to inspiring you as you make color happen for your real-live rooms and actual buildings.

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