Hand-Crafted Ceramic Tiles

Enrich your home or workplace environment, inside or out, with unique ceramic tile highlights. Incorporating your vision and inspiration, I can design and make individual ceramic tiles, a mural, or an entire picture-wall. Unique imagery can reflect classic, vintage, or contemporary design influences as fit with the flavor of your architectural space. The completed installation will exhibit your specific aesthetic while complementing the setting.

Potential Projects

  • Enliven your kitchen with surrounding decorative backsplashes, a unique mosaic plaque, or an exclusive picture-wall.
  • Ornament your bathroom counter surround or shower stall.
  • Distinguish your welcoming entryways.
  • Strengthen ‘curb appeal’ via the display of distinctive address numbers.
  • Add character to your landscape by punctuating garden walls or pathways.

Materials and Installation

  • Each installation will be scaled to fit within the existing space and prominent architectural features or indicated in plans for new or augmented construction.
  • ‘From scratch’, I will hand-make tiles comprised of smooth white or sanded buff-toned earthenware clay.
  • The soft clay surfaces can remain smooth, be subtly textured or carved in low or high relief.
  • Choosing standard-sized commercial white tiles is a practical and design option.
  • Using a full spectrum of “painterly” under-glazes, I will hand-paint the detailed surface imagery.
  • If appropriate for your project, applying one overall glaze color to the entire surface is an option.
  • Finally, clear glossy or matte glaze will enhance the colors and seal the porous ceramic surface.

Cost of Service

  • Initial consultation: $150 hour
  • Hand-drawn and colored design “cartoon”: $150
  • The total project fee will be agreed upon per individual project.
  • 50% due upon order
  • 50% due upon delivery.
  • The fee is payable to Judy Dornbush via check or cash.
  • Note: At this time, payment via credit card or any online direct payment system is not accepted.


  • Please allow a minimum 9-week lead-time to complete your project.
  • Rush orders will not be accepted.